We are BYPE.

BYPE is more than just a digital platform. BYPE is part of the 1741 Group, one of the few truly independent fund management companies in Europe, which are exclusively owned by the management. With its national companies located in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, the 1741 Group offers one-stop services for four very relevant jurisdictions, supervised by the respective local financial market authorities. We have many years of experience in administering funds, launching different types of vehicles, making sure that our clients achieve their goals. Over the years we have seen a broad range of challenges faced by our clients during the whole fund creation process which we wanted to improve.

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Our Journey

Never standing still

What drives us is the passion to simplify and further develop processes: For our customers and for us as a company. In our fast moving times and the ever increasing complexity of fund setups, simplicity is becoming more and more important.

The original idea behind BYPE was to find a solution, to save time and costs. So our clients can dedicate their time to activities that generate actual added value for them and their companies.

“Making fast and cost-efficient fund launch the standard”

Our Mission

That's where BYPE came in: BYPE reduces complexity and puts the decision-making ability of customers at the center of fund creation. Therefore, not everything that could be digitized was digitized, but rather that which created a benefit for our customers.

The removal of the administrative burden through simplyfing the fund launch process of investment funds was the main target. Simplifying processes by using existing, common UCITS fund structures as a basis for building a modular system. A Building block system, that allows you to launch your fund ideas in just a few clicks, saving money and time.

Focusing to simplify

Currently BYPE is limited to the creation of only one type of fund: Investment Funds according to the European UCITS directive with domicile in Luxembourg.

Our Partners

VP Bank


“Setting up a fund can be challenging, especially when doing simultaneously for different clients. BYPE helps to streamline the process with its digital platform and saves a lot of time and money. Additionally the pooling function of BYPEs Dashboard simplifies your fund launch processes.”



“For UCITS Funds, BYPE can be real game changer! The fully digital process allows you to realize your fund ideas in only a few clicks. The additional benefit of instant pricing enables full price transparency”



“In our point of view, BYPE is compelling alternative in launching UCITS funds. It allows optimizing and streamlining processes during fund launch and structures the compliance process.”